Dom Simmons, History Lecturer

Dom, who currently teaches Modern History at Penwith College, will teach A Level History at Callywith, teaching the knowledge, understanding and skills required to succeed in history by creating a welcoming, supportive and enjoyable experience for students to provide them with the best possible chances of success.

What is your background in education?

Having gone straight into employment following secondary school, it was not until later, that I returned to education. I successfully completed my Access to Higher Education Diploma before graduating from Bath Spa University with a BA Honours in History. During that time, I worked and volunteered as an education coordinator within the heritage sector in the beautiful and historic city of Bath. Returning to Cornwall, I completed a level 3 and 4 in Education and Training with a placement teaching IT and employability skills at Cornwall Neighbourhoods for Change, a community based project aiming to alleviate poverty by providing free education courses. I then undertook my PGCE at Truro College, teaching medieval history and was subsequently employed at Penwith College teaching modern history.

What inspired you to pursue a career in education?

History has always fascinated me and captured my imagination from a young age. Attempting to understand what life was like in times past has been the driving force behind this. It was at university when I decided that teaching was for me. There, I had opportunities to work within the heritage sector, preparing and delivering educational talks to the public. I have always loved talking history with people and this experience gave me the inspiration to progress into education where my passion for the subject could be used to give help young people progress forward in life.

What will your new role involve?

The most important aspect of my new role is to teach the knowledge, understanding and skills required to succeed in history. I want to achieve this by creating a welcoming, supportive and enjoyable experience for my students to provide them with the best possible chances of success.

Why do you think Cornwall needs Callywith College?

Travelling around Cornwall can be difficult, especially for a young person who relies upon public transport. I have witnessed the dedication of students who spend two hours or more a day to travel from north and east Cornwall to Truro. Despite their dedication, this can impact negatively upon their studies.  Having worked in west Cornwall at Penwith, I understand the importance of having an outstanding college in your local area that provides opportunities for young people. Callywith will do the same in the north and east, closing the attainment gap across Cornwall. Students can now benefit from the expertise of a well-established college, without the inconvenience of traveling long distances.

What about working with Callywith College are you looking forward to the most?

To be a member of staff at a brand new college and be involved in all the new opportunities it will bring to the area, is an exciting prospect. I look forward to meeting and working alongside my new colleagues and inspiring a new generation of historians.

What one thing about you might surprise people?

I can fire matchlock and flintlock muskets!

When you’re not working, what is your favourite thing to do?

Simply to spend time with family and friends and enjoy everything Cornwall has to offer.

What advice would you give students considering applying for Callywith College?

Callywith will provide all the opportunities you need to progress forward with your life choices. If you are from north or east Cornwall, this is the place for you.